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Webinar: Tailor your Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Webinar - Tailor your Cyber Threat Intelligence!

Discover threats without the noise
Cyber-attacks are increasing – so you need to look outside of your network to discover threats to your business.

Why attend this session?

  • What is cyber threat intelligence and how could it help your business? 
  • Critical challenges to efficient intelligence gathering  
  • How is tailored threat intelligence different?   
  • Real-life examples – how tailored threat intelligence cuts through noise to expose potential threats  
  • Threat intelligence is being added to ISO 27001  
  • Product demonstration

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About Skurio

Skurio is an innovative Digital Risk Protection platform that automates searching the surface, deep and Dark Web for your critical business data and potential cyber threats to your business.

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We know your technology and business IT strategy is unique to your business. All our clients have different software, hardware, infrastructure, products, internal resources, capabilities and long-term goals. We know they also all have different types of employees, which is key to adoption and ROI of your technology strategy.

We spend time at the outset by assessing your needs, challenges and resources, taking into account your future plans. This ensures that we can help you make choices that will add value to you, your teams and your own clients.

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Jeremy Hendy (CEO - Skurio)
Jeremy has more than thirty years of experience growing technology start-ups, SMEs and global companies. Previously Jeremy was VP of sales and marketing at Nujira.

He has also held several executive positions at innovative technology start-ups and was strategic technology director of Symbionics’s Wireless and Multimedia business unit, sold to Cadence in 1998.

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