Race to Zero was born out of the practice of overclocking servers, and was the first vendor to offer an air-cooled, overclocked server capable of reaching speeds commensurate with those of liquid cooled counterparts. This technology ensures you receive the performance you require, with clock speeds running stable at their physical limits, while effectively removing the risk of failures caused by damage from liquid cooled technology.

Speed & Stability

Integrating the fastest CPUs with absolute best in class components, RZ’s server solutions are then tuned by the company’s expert overclocking engineers who possess, between them, decades of experience in the field. Add to this RZ’s air-flow optimised, custom built chassis and tornado cooling system, and you have the superlative RZ HFT series of servers.

Air 2U

RZ’s air cooling methods, and ‘Turbo’ heat dissipation technology, allow for optimisation of the performance of the entire system, with heat being extracted from the rear of the chassis without the use of a mid-system radiator. This ensures the server remains stable for longer, allowing for full focus on the processes and performance of your applications, rather than on the hardware.

Liquid 1U

RZ has applied years of system tuning and thermodynamics knowledge to create a no-compromises, liquid cooled solution within a 1U form factor. Featuring a dual radiator and heavy duty pump design, RZ’s liquid cooled system guarantees the fastest possible performance from the latest generation of Intel processors.

With its revolutionary cooling systems, RZ enables you to extract maximum performance from Intel’s latest generation of Core-X i9 processors, tailoring servers to your needs to a maximum of 18 physical CPU cores.

No Compromise Computing

RZ recognized the need for a stable and easy-to-manage server infrastructure, that could be deployed globally, and has engineered a world-class range of overclocked servers that are functionally faster, more reliable and more cost-effective than anything currently on the market.

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Solutions Focused

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