Our ability to create ultra low latency networks with 100% lossless data and complete network visibility stems from our strong relationships with our vendors.


Solarflare is the leading provider of application intelligent, networking I/O software and hardware that accelerate, monitor and secure network data, and is the pioneer in high-performance, low-latency 10/40GbE server networking solutions. Solarflare’s products are widely used in scale-out server environments including electronic trading, high-performance computing, cloud, virtualisation and big data.


Exablaze is a global manufacturer of NICs and switches with a simple goal, to always be reducing latency. With this simple goal, Exablaze has been able to create ultra-low latency technology with sub-microsecond latency. These NICs and switches are ideal for industries that need low latency such as algorithmic trading. tecnologika is an Exablaze reseller. We work with them to provide the solutions for our customer's applications.


As the world becomes more digitised, Cisco is there to provide technology and expertise that will ensure your transition is successful. With solutions that span from datacentre switches and NICs, and cloud networks to security, and network architecture, Cisco has technology and services to meet your IT needs. tecnologika is a Cisco Select partner and reseller. Speak to us about building your cloud network with Cisco switches.


With a focus on software-driven networking, Arista offers many flexible solutions for industries that require low latency NICs and switches as well as packet capture software and network monitoring solutions. tecnologika is an Arista reseller. our relationship with Arista gives you great flexibility in building your cloud networks to ensure you can maintain complete control over it without losing latency.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is an industry leader in helping businesses and organisations transition to Data Center Network Automation ensuring you're well-placed to take advantage of new business opportunities. tecnologika is a Juniper Networks partner and reseller. We work with Juniper to keep you up to date with the latest technology roadmaps and supply you with hardware that meets your application needs.


Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end Ethernet, and InfiniBand intelligent interconnect solutions and services for servers, storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure. tecnologika is a Mellanox partner and reseller. We support customers who require high performance and low latency networking with IT that meet your requirements.


Ixia delivers a combination of innovative solutions and insight to support your network and security products, from concept to operation. Whether you're preparing your product for launch, deploying an application, or managing a product in operation, they offer an extensive array of solutions in testing, visibility, and security making your network stronger. tecnologika is an Ixia reseller providing you access to all their products and solutions at competitive prices.


Packets2Disk is a network monitoring and analytics tool designed to give nanosecond accuracy on network overview and microsecond accuracy on timestamping. This ensures you maintain a stable network and spot congestion quickly. Ideal for industries where network monitoring is crucial such as financial services, this platform is supported on a variety of timestamping hardware and work with a wide range of network protocols. tecnologika is a packets2disk reseller, when building your network, be sure to ask us about network monitoring.


Finisar is a global technology leader in optical communications components and subsystems. These products enable high-speed voice, video and data communications for networking, storage, wireless, and cable TV applications. tecnologika is a Finisar reseller. When building your network, it can be easy to only look at the NICs and switches but forget the rest, so we will be sure to propose the best hardware to ensure your network runs at its best at every point.


Meraki is a Cisco brand offering solutions including wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, and security cameras, all managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface. This allows customers to seise new business opportunities and reduce operational costs. tecnologika is a Cisco Select partner and a Meraki reseller. This means we can provide preferential pricing and additional services.


Metamako is a technology company that specialises in solutions for latency sensitive businesses. With a background focussed on ultra-low latency and algorithmic trading, Metamako understands the incredibly competitive environment around networking and design products and services accordingly. tecnologika is a Metamako partner and reseller enabling us to build solutions that meet your IT infrastructure needs at competitive pricing.


Opengear provides automation, network resilience and security tools necessary to efficiently manage and protect critical IT, communications, network and power infrastructure and ensure business continuity, globally. tecnologika is an Opengear reseller. We ensure when you build your network through us, you also have access to support tools that enable you to manage it effectively.