Guiding your IT decisions, before you invest…

Before you begin the process of investing in new IT technology, our sales and pre-sales consultants are on hand to offer impartial guidance and planning to assist with your technology selection process. Because we are vendor agnostic, we’re on hand to deliver technical road-mapping and whiteboard sessions that focus on your projects technical objectives and that align with your IT strategy, covering a broad spectrum of technology innovators. Once we have helped you identify the optimal solution for your requirements, the next logical stage is to help demonstrate the performance and efficiency of the proposed solution by setting up a proof-of-concept.

Whether its on your premise, in our lab, or in the cloud, speak to our consultants today about how we can add value to your IT decisions before you invest in technology.  

Knowledgeable & consultative account-management

Tecnologika account managers are certified sales representatives of the world’s leading and niche IT vendors ensuring that when you speak to a sales representative, you are speaking to a knowledgeable expert that understands what you trying to achieve, and who is best positioned to give you reliable advice.

IT Procurement

Whether it’s your software licensing, client-side desktop and mobile, branch and office IT requirements or your critical data centre infrastructure, our globalised approach to managing the IT supply chain means that we can fulfill your IT procurement needs across the globe, purchased and supported locally.

System Design & installation planning

Tecnologika has a vast wealth of experience designing and implementing leading, niche and specialised solutions across a multitude of industries. From customised servers solutions that are tailored around your application workloads, to bespoke hybrid storage solutions, trust our expertise to take you thought the product design and manufacturing process.

Configuring, Tuning, Optimising

Our in house engineers are certified in leading and niche vendor technologies, and have a great deal of experience building and optimizing IT infrastructure. Pre-configuring your equipment with bios tuning, software installations, memory upgrades and burn in tests will reduce your overall installation time, minimise the risk of any DOA equipment, and reduce overall shipping costs. We can also asset tag your technology ensuring easy identification and inventory control for future upgrades and replacement of parts if things go wrong.

We can create virtual copies your hardware as well as store replacement parts, so replacing an exact replica of your technology can be done quickly, reducing any down time, and saving you logistical overheads.

Efficient hassle free global logistics

Every project is unique however the same fundamental logistical challenges remain. With tight project deadlines, multiple data centre colocations around the world and equipment being shipped from multiple sources, having strong global logistics is critically important when performing a large data center infrastructure roll out. We ship consignments daily to over 200 countries and territories from our high-capacity warehouse. We have extensive experience of global shipping and the ever-changing nature of international trade.

Understanding import and export regulations and compliance

We are fully trained in export compliance and are able to add substantial value to your international logistics operations. Whether you’re transferring 5A002a1a dual-use certified hardware to the EU or exporting further afield, we will advise you on licence requirements and work with UK Government to obtain the correct clearance to smooth your export. Getting your export paperwork wrong can lead to heavy fines or the seizing of goods which is why we work with you to get it right from the beginning.

Installation and deployment, to desk and data centre

Our engineers are certified, responsive, readily available  to be on hand to deploy your branch and data centre infrastructure. Acting as remote hands for you in the data center, our team know your build, and your industry and so can offer a more personal service than the data center deployment teams. We can also support office build outs through our support services.

Hardware maintenance

When you buy your IT infrastructure from tecnologika, you will receive the best solution for your application requirements. This often results in a variety of different vendor products working together to create your solution. We can provide hardware support contracts for all of your infrastructure in the way that best suits you, whether that’s to give you a single point of contact through our support team, or directly with the vendors. Visit our support page to learn more about our support service.

RMA support

Sometimes it happens and technology straight out of the box doesn’t work. This can be frustrating as it can slow the rollout of your infrastructure build out, and requires precious time out of your day to deal with it. Our team of consultants can support you in this process both in getting a replacement part as soon as possible, but also in taking the faulty hardware of your hands at no extra cost to you.

We can ensure exact specifications have been pre configured into your infrastructure along with any hardware and software updates needed before deploying to your colocation. This saves you time and shipping costs, as well as minimizes the risk of any DOA issues arising at the deployment stages of a rollout.


Our engineers can decommission equipment, including full data destruction, at your site and arrange shipping to your designated location, or to our warehouse for assessment. Furthermore, we can seamlessly time the installation of new equipment with the removal of old systems in order to minimise any down-time.

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