tecnologika’s IT solutions are designed to help you digitize your processes, making your operations more efficient whilst giving you better relationships with your users and consumers.

Digital Transformation

Transforming practices and processes to create advanced digital workflows, workplaces and product and service deliveries is now the central requirement in developing a business capable of thriving in increasingly competitive global markets.

With our enviable resource mix of strategic IT and technology consultants, expert infrastructure architects and engineers, and specialist procurement and logistics handlers, tecnologika is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement digital innovation throughout your business.

Beginning with early stage, consultative reviews, we can partner you on your digital innovation journey all the way through to delivery of, and ongoing support for, the infrastructure, devices and software that will redefine your business.

Not only does the TaaS model offer you greater flexibility and lower capital investment, it also enables your IT staff to focus on being more productive.


Utilize tecnologika’s ground breaking Technology-as-a-Service model to free up cash-flow for other business investments by including your hardware, software, support and maintenance investments in a single monthly subscription contract.

Talk to our experienced TaaS team to learn more about the benefits and options of this model before you prepare your annual budgets. They are on hand to help you maximize your capital and operational budgets and, ultimately, bridge the gap between procurement and technical. Enabling your engineers to focus on more important matters than managing your IT assets, our team provides impartial advice to help you select the right infrastructure and make your IT investments work for you.

tecnologika can help you choose the right platform for your IoT services, to help you optimize your business agility and your IoT data-driven decision making.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While the Internet of Things term is being used and misused as freely as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other technology ‘hot topics’, there can be no doubting the impact of IoT on the way we live, work and do business.

With our network of expert technology, IT and business consultants, and our unrivalled expertise in specifying, sourcing and deploying IT optimized for business performance, tecnologika is ideally positioned to help you to ready your business to unlock the full potential of IoT.

From developing a road-map for your business to take full advantage of the potential of IoT in monitoring, informing and controlling its own processes and procedures, to assisting in the development of IoT-enabled products and services, tecnologika offers a uniquely one-stop-shop IoT partner.

With Gartner estimating 26 billion connected IoT devices as early as 2020 (and other analysts predicting that this could prove a significant underestimate), our insight and expertise could give you invaluable competitive advantage.

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Solutions Focused

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