Wherever your organisation finds itself in relation to Cloud utilisation, tecnologika offers commercially and technically expert strategy consulting, as well as full technical Cloud development and implementation services and a comprehensive range of ongoing Cloud management services.

In addition to our deep expertise in deployment of solutions built in the Public Cloud, we provide Private Cloud solutions for organisations whose requirements point to this option.

Cloud Consultancy

Whether you have already migrated parts of your IT infrastructure to the Public or a Private Cloud, or are only now appraising options and feasibility, tecnologika’s Cloud Consulting team can help you gain the speed, efficiency and innovation benefits that Cloud offers.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help you assess opportunity and risk, build a business case and devise and implement a successful Cloud strategy and road-map for your organisation.

AWS Standard Consulting Partner

Cloud Optimisation

When an organisation contracts Cloud services, it’s easy to lose track of spend and to waste resource that is by its nature scarce. This comes about, in general, because services tend to be amended only when it becomes necessary to increase a requirement. Not only does this raise the danger of significant overspends, but it robs you of an opportunity to optimize the value you achieve from your IT budget. Using best in class management technology, tecnologika can optimise Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud services for your organisation, providing visibility and control over useage, security, governance and costs. On average we are able to help clients save between 30-40% on monthly Cloud spend.

Silver Microsoft Partner

Hybrid Cloud Solution

A Hybrid Cloud Solution enables you to make optimum use of Private Cloud and even Public Cloud resources without the impact of restructuring aspects of your legacy IT which can perform quite satisfactorily as they are. By designing a Hybrid solution for you, tecnologika can deliver the faster user responses and greater agility offered by Cloud hosted resources without the costs or disruption to business incurred when legacy systems are migrated.

Private Cloud Solutions

If you are an Enterprise or large public sector organization, or in fact any organisation running significant, business-critical functions, tecnologika can implement a  Private Cloud solution which will give you maximum control and security over a Cloud environment. A Private Cloud is exclusive and private to your organisation. It can be located physically in your datacenter, or hosted for you by tecnologika. In either case we maintain services and infrastructure for you on a private network, and both hardware and software are used solely by your organisation. This makes it easier to customize the Cloud resources to meet your precise IT requirements.

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